Fire Extinguishers



We specialise in supplying and servicing fire extinguishers for yachts.

Our technicans are available to propose an efficient safety planning to protect your yachts. Our security maritime equipment is certified by all major classes such as Rina, Bureau Veritas, ABS and Rina Marine Register.

At the end of our work we produce a Certificate (valid for 1 year) including all type of material used and checked.

Our technicans sale and check all type of  fire extinguishers each year, any brand.

We are certified throught National Ministery of Education for all fire fighting extinguishers checking, sea water pump, fire detection.
Pejout Marine Services is certified ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)  (n° MS 1072949-X), RIna (n°2013.SV.358.01) and Bureau Veritas (N°MSLO/SLR/201401106)

Checking of all fixed and safety equipment in real situation CO2, FM-200, NOVEC 1230

Hydraulic pressur testing certified. CO2 refill

Types of fires:


Fires "dry" or"blazing" fire.Fire of solid materials


Fires of metal Extinction is
reserved to specialists with suitable equipment

Extincteur-classeB"Fat" fires
Fire of Liquids or solids liquefied


 Fires of vegetable or animal oils and fats

Extincteur-classeC"gaseous" fire
Gas fires


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