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XTREM liferaft


yacht-liferaft-xtremThe XTREM Liferaft has been specifically designed using the most up to date construction and packaging techniques to ensure the size is kept to an absolute minimum for easy stowage.

Full compliance with the code of Practice (Category 0 and 1) and class XII regulations makes this liferaft ideal for leisure and commercial vessels that are obliged to comply with longer range requirements.

The XTREM is MED Ship's Wheel Approved. To ensure compliance with the Solas regulations emergency 'A' or 'B' pack options are available in sizes from 6-16 man.


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Zodiac's Thermo bonding construction coupled with polythene-coated fabrics makes these liferafts especially resistant to aging. Lighter but stronger fabrics also allow Zodiac Liferafts to be packed into smaller containers, thus saving valuable space. Cellular foam floors ensure protection against extremes of cold whilst also maintaining thermo properties if damaged, unlike inflatable floors.

SOLAS A or B emergency pack options are available in sizes from 6 to 16 persons.


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Ocean ISO

The Ocean ISO liferaft is lightweight, compact and of superior design and construction.
This liferaft meets the requirements under current MCA codes of practice, Class XII and ISAF Offshore special regulations. Manufactured to comply to the rigorous ISO 9650 Type 1 Group A requirements.


















Made with PU nylon laminate
Insulated floor
Hermetically Sealed
Highly Visible
Rain Water Collection
75L x 4 Water Pockets for Increased Stability
External and Internal Lighting System
Retro Reflective Tape
3 Year Service Interval
European Warranty
Made in the UK


Emergency Pack Contents:
1 x Rescue Quoit & Line
1 x Bailer
1 x Pump
1 x Repair Kit
1 x Whistle
2 x Waterproof Torch
1 x Survival Instructions
1 x Floating Liferaft Safety Knife
1 x Signalling Mirror
1 x Sea Anchor & Line
2 x Paddles
2 x Sponges
2 x Red Parachute Rockets
3 x Red Hand Flares
60 x Sea Sick Tablets
Sea Sick Bags

Charter ISO

The Charter ISO has been developed to be a cost-effective solution to meet the MCA code of practice. Meeting the ISO 9650 Type 1 Group A standard, it is made of quality rubber with a highly visible canopy and floor.
This value for money liferaft is available in a canister or valise format and can be packed to a SOLAS B standard.








* Hermetically Sealed
* Highly Visible Orange Canopy
* Retro Reflective Tape
* Emergency Equipment Pack Included
* New Boarding System for Easier Access
* Larger Pockets for Increased Stability
* Includes External Lighting System
* 3 Year Service Interval
* European Warranty

Emergency Equipment Pack Contains:
1 x Rescue Quoit & Line
1 x Bailer
1 x Pump
1 x Repair Kit
1 x Whistle
1 x Waterproof Torch
1 x Survival Instructions & Signal Card
1 x Floating Liferaft Safety Knife
1 x Signalling Mirror
1 x Sea Anchor & Line
2 x Paddles
2 x Sponges
2 x Red Parachute Rockets
3 x Red Hand Flares
60 x Sea Sick Tablets
Sea Sick Bags

Lifeguard Forties ISO Self Righting Liferaft

The New Lifeguard Self Righting Liferaft is the latest in design and is manufactured in compliance to the NEW ISO 9650 European Regulation which will harmonize and bring the liferaft regulations of all the various countries of the European Community into line with a single standard.






The revolutionary Lifeguard Self Righting ISO 9650 Type-1 (Group-A) Liferaft is designed for open ocean navigation and as such is adapted for the risks associated with long voyages including high seas and heavy winds and has the added advantage of being able to self right if it has had the misfortune to inflated upside down.

Emergency Pack Contains:
6 Leak Stoppers
1 Rescue Quoit
1 Bailer
4 Sponges
1 Repair Kit
1 Survival anual
1 Heliograph Mirror
1 Signal Tables
3 Hand Flares
1 SOLAS Rocket
60 Anti seasickness Pills
1 Sea Anchor & Swivel
1 Whistle
1 Pk Seasickness Bags
1 Knife & pocket
2 Paddles
1 Bellows
2 Torches
1 Signalling Mirror


A cost-effective, budget raft for the cruising yachtsman, with a 3 years service interval, available in either a canister or valise. The Ocean Standard is aimed at the weekend sailor and is intended for boats that coastal cruise and has no need to comply with current legislation. European manufacture and warranty.


The ocean safety standard liferaft is manufactured to the highest standards. Vacuum packed, with a 12-year warranty and 3-year service intervals, it is intended for those boats that do not wish to incur the expense of a fully compliant offshore raft, but see the need for an entry-level escape platform. The raft has a single floor and therefore is not recommended for bluewater use in colder waters.

Equipment pack includes flares, bailer, sea anchor, repair kit, air pump, paddles, rescue quoit, anti-seasickness pills, drinking water, torch.

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