Royal Regattas 2014

The famous Royal Regattas will take place once more in the Bay of Cannes
from September 20th-27th.
Make sure to attend this unavoidable meeting of people passionated by
the sea and the sailing.




A royal tribute

Since the re-launch 35 years ago, the Régates Royales is one of the top summer events in
Cannes. Unlike the Film Festival, the Midem or the Mip TV, despite being "royal" the racing
is not just reserved to a few privileged people. The Régates Royales is first and foremost a
grand celebration of the love for the sea and of seamanship, a friendly gathering in a
festive atmosphere of owners, sailors and splendidly restored and maintained boats that
do not cease to attract the admiration of the public.

Once again this year, there will be over 200 boats on the water. Old gaffers, sloops, big
boats: some of the wooden maritime masterpieces will compete in the bay of Cannes in a
display of passion and elegance.


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