Tombola and MOB throwing during the AYS

MOB and Line throwing

...practice and knowledge testing with missing items from life raft contents with Péjout Marine Services during the AYS...
Antibes Yacht Show has just closed its doors (saturday 26th of April 2014th) and during the event Péjout Marine offered various activities.

Friday and saturday we let the crew try out MOB Throwing. Friday it took place behind the restaurant area of the show... if you saw some orange smoke, then you may have seen us... the wind turned on us and we had to stop as we were smoking the show and more particularly the restaurant area. But it gave a couple of crew a try at chucking those in the water.

Saturday, better prepared for the wind changes, we did it from the SNSM boat which stayed in the 300m zone, just outside the IYCA. Their staff and crew members threw them overboard as in a real life situation.

Then, we practiced some line throwing from the top of the Helipad of the IYCA (Thanks to Bernard). Thus, no one got tagged by the line, and beside the incredible loud noise, all went as planned.

Then every day we organise a game on the stand. We had a 6 persons liferaft, from which 3 items were removed... Everyday was different, with everyday had it winner...

Wednesday ... we popped the liferaft open, or lets say M. Alliamus did it (see below photos)

Thursday's winner is Arnaud Vasquez

Friday's winner is Anthony Roch

Saturday is Ian Williams

They each won a magnum of Chateau Ste Croix Rosé!

Thanks to everyone for participating in all the games and practice shots.
Thanks to Bernard, Ludo and Damien for their help on Saturday, thanks to the SNSM team for helping in all of the logistic in securing the site.
And let's do it again next year!!!!


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